Texas Roadhouse Rolls?

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I’m starting a new 365. Well… more like a couple 52s.

Every Tuesday for the year of 2012 I will cook/bake something new. This week, as part of my pre-52 trial run, I added some dinner rolls to our menu tonight of Lemon Chicken Piccata with rice and sugar snap peas.

Mixing up the dough. Follow the recipie!

I found a recipe on pinterest for Texas Roadhouse Rolls – Copycat Style. I knew right off the bat that it wasn’t *actually* like Texas Roadhouse Rolls when reading the original blog post about it, but since she said they were soft and good I thought why not!

Since I modified it for dairy free (with almond milk and earth balance), I was afraid that it would mess something up and not rise well.
Rise #1
Yeah, uhh, apparently that wasn’t an issue. So, I went on to roll out the dough and make individual buns.

Rolled out and separated. Rise #2

They rose again for a second time and went in the oven!

All Done!
Here’s what they looked like all done. Pretty yummy, right?

Enjoyed with rice and sugar snaps!
Dinner was pretty much a win.

Okay, full disclosure time…The center ones didn’t completely cook through and were a bit on the doughy side. Next time I’ll use two pans and space them out more. Not bad for the first try though, so we’ll definitely be having these again!

Lego Hero Factory Creator – 365, 361

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Lego Hero Factory Creator – 365, 361, originally uploaded by Fluttering By.

On Christmas morning Thomas built all his Heroes by the book. Today? He combined them all together and dreamt up a brand new team.

Each one is intentionally armored and equipped with special weapons that associate with a specific set of combination attacks.

Every day I’m more in awe with this man. Today is certainly no exception.

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