In search of…

March 28 at 9pm | Posted in Life | 1 Comment

In search of… – 365, 87, originally uploaded by Fluttering By.

So in continuation of the food posts of yore,present to you our dinner. Check that, our vegan dinner. Double check, our gluten-free vegan dinner.

While Thom makes some "kick-ass" vegan penne vodka, the more recent edition of gluten-free pasta leaves us wanting more.

We’ve tried rice pasta, corn pasta and this time around some quasi pseudo potato/soy pasta. They are all coming up short. Thom swears at some point, we had some quinoa pasta that rocked, but I’m thinking he’s got some heavy wishful thinking (memories?) going on…

Help! Any gluten-free pastas that are passable? Thomas actually had two bowls of this, but I can almost guarantee that it was 98% due to the sauce and in spite of the gummy but al dente excuse for pasta that it covered…

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  1. we LOVE Ancient Harvest Quinoa pasta (the shells are the best)!

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