Warby Parker Home Try-On

March 8 at 10am | Posted in Uncategorized | 1 Comment

This is me.

This is me in my glasses.
My Current Eyewear...

Enter Warby Parker. They offer chic geek eyewear, and a free home try-on. 🙂
Warby Parker Try On

Roosevelt Bondi Blue
Roosevelt Bondi Blue
Yea, not so much…

Finn Sandalwood Matte
Finn Sandalwood Matte
I’m liking these alot. I think maybe I’ll like them more in black?

Sinclair Greystone
Sinclair Greystone
On first try-on I thought they were huge, but the longer I wear them the more I like them. Thom? Not so much…

Colton Tangerine
Colton Tangerine
I thought I could rock some tangerine glasses, but I feel like one of Biff’s goons in Back To the Future.

Webb Revolver Black Crystal
Webb Revolver Black Crystal
These are also high up there on my list…

Marcus has his opinions… what do you think?
Marcus has his opinions... what do you think?

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  1. I like the last ones the best – though the tangerine ones are awesome.

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