Happy holidays to you and yours! :)

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Happy Holidays!!

À la Carte ePatterns, Crescent Moon Yoga Pants, now available!

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I’m so excited, I’ve been working on this for literally months and now it’s LIVE!

You can now instantly download your own Crescent Moon Yoga Pants Pattern, complete with instructions, in whatever size you like. Heck, at $2.50 each, get them all. I’m diligently working to make all my patterns available as ePatterns, so stay tuned!

Wikipedia is awesome. AKA: I’ve been staring at this all morning.

December 2 at 9am | Posted in Little Comet Tails, Sewing | 3 Comments

How a Sewing Machine Works

Ever wonder how your sewing machine works with just one needle? Wikipedia to the rescue!

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