Add-on for the Sprightly Soaker Pattern

May 29 at 3pm | Posted in Freebies, Little Comet Tails | 3 Comments

You can now sew in an extra layer to the Sprightly Soaker & Underwear Pattern for better protection against wicking! The download is for all sizes and works great even overnight! I’ve even had a tester make training undies with this 🙂


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  1. […] That’s right our 23 month old started asking to go on the potty herself about a month ago (when she was 22 months, lol). A neighbor of mine asked if we could have a sewing session and we made up some training pants using the Sprightly Soaker and Underwear pattern and the free add-on. […]

  2. Is there any reason (besides aesthetics, perhaps) that this add-on wouldn’t work as an extra layer sewn in the Crescent Moon yoga pants, too? I hear of a lot of people adding a full soaker layer in fleece pants, but that’s a lot of extra bulk for my taste.

  3. Alexa: If you could get it sewn in well, I wouldn’t see why it wouldn’t work. I say give it a try and email me some pictures 😉 Something that may be cute is if you cut that section out of the CMYP and then double layer in a contrasting fleece 😉

    I have a pattern that I was playing around with back in ’07 has a similar idea:

    Reverse Crescents Pants

    Reverse Crescents Pants

    Maybe I’ll bring it back 😉

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